To grow and last, we think a brand must be more than a simple product or service. It should share her values with their customers to bring out her corporate image.
In order to do this, we create and product global, innovative with strong impact communication concepts.

Our objective : « make / turn Into emblematic brands »

Our expertise


We propose tailor made solutions and orignal concepts for your events by offering « celebrity marketing » strategy. Let’s the magic begin !


Thanks to our experience, we can propose a complete and innovative digital offer : creation of website and implementation of web strategy, social media support, audit, e-trade et SEO, e-mailing campaign operation. #AlwaysOnTheMove


Since 10 years, our network and expertise allow us to « valoriser de façon efficace et différenciante » nearly traditionnel press and internet. Force of proposal, we organize selected meetings with the best influencers for your brand. Ready to shine ?

Quelques références emblématiques


The palace wants to target an international connected customer base. The aim of the most legendary hotel of Cannes is to encourage customers to book online while maintaining her upscale corporate identity. The Majestic Barrière Cannes entrusted us the management of two offers : « a winter in front of the sea » and « The Studio by Petit VIP ». The purpose is to bring to light many aspects of the Palace thought special paths thanks to top influencers.


Since 2006, the house of « Guerlain » associated with the private path of the FIAC by presenting exhibitions dedicated to the avant-garde of art contemporary in her famous shop at 68, Champs-Elysées. An artistic and initiatory trip in the univers of beauty and fragrance.

CPASDELACOM often advised the brand in specialist press relations and propose her to invite influential personalities from the univers of cinema, music and medias.


Hôtels & Préférence is a hôtel chain with more than 140 wonderful adresses around the world by offering many activities : golf, spa, gastronomy… The chain is mainly composed of 4 and 5 star hotels thanks to an impeccable service. The diversity of hotel’s members is a richness maintained by Hotels & Préférence. It meet the customers expectations enjoying both luxury hotels and cozy places with an intimate and friendly atmosphere. Each hotel meet hight quality standards whatever its category.

CPASDELACOM organize their meetings with the press and best influencers prioritizing unprecedented and outstanding experiences : diner in the vineyards, show case in with the most beautiful suite hotel with view on Paris…


In the hair care market, there is a luxurious brand that distinguishes itself from others by the ingredients that make up its shampoos, masks and other references. René Furterer, who for more than 50 years, uses plant extracts and natural components for the manufacture of all his products.
The story of René Furterer is full of passions. The nature, the botany and the beauty of the women are all sources of inspiration that led him to develop formulas as natural as revolutionary. The precious René Furterer method, care rituals, exceptional active ingredients and the invention of the Spa capillaire are the inestimable legacy of this visionary man and continue to plunge generations of women into the discovery of capillary rituals Sensual and beneficial.
CPASDELACOM advises and accompanies the brand in its relations with influencers. Our agency organizes unprecedented meetings and personalized experiences so that each influencer can communicate in the most precise way with his community.


Always concerned to propose innovative and high value-added communication concepts, CPASDELACOM created Beauty Break to hand over to iconoclast brands at the international Cannes festival. During 5 days, reporters, influencers and another prescribers « ont pu profiter d’une bulle beauté et bien être complètement atypique » with a three step program :

Pimp my beauty : healthy morning with a breakfast and a brunch at the Beauty Break spot located just a step from le Grand Palais du festival in a secret and revamped alcove. Guests, supported by our teams of experts, discover our brands with playful and dynamic workshops while benefiting a service tailored beauty and well-being.

Chill out my legs : lunch et relaxation afternoon in the magnificent Villa Saint George hidden on the heights of Cannes privatized for the occasion.

At last, our first ambassador, Flora Coquerel, Miss France 2014 closed this first part of Beauty Break « in sparkling way » turn into a beautiful djette to let’s dance the guests until the end of the night.

A complementary and proactive duo


Associate director – In charge of communication strategy and celebrity marketing.

Graduated from Celsa, expert in information and communication science, Rose has a firm experience in press and public relations. During 10 years, according to special missions, she advised famous brands such as Coca Cola, Lulu Castagnette, Evian, Guerlain, Walt Disney, la Maif, Oxbow and le Parc de la Villette. Thanks to her address book, she invites international artists for prestigious events in France and abroad. Sometimes, she wears « méduses » during her rendez vous while she should come in hight hell and suit. She says about herself she launching trends. We’ll have to see. // Rose@cpasdelacom.com


Associate director – In charge of events and partnerships.

Graduated from HEC, enjoying by the univers of the beauty and digital, she launch in 2012, the website mysekit.com, a website which propose a new way to use and promote beauty. More than 100 partnership brands which trust in her. She organized more than 30 events in which best influencers have been distinguished « par leur présence ». She wins the the first price of Power Starter organized by CyberElles, women from digital and Orange. Invited at l’Elysée to talk about her career but she didn’t mention she’s a cat lovers. We set the record straight here ! #Meow // Joelle@cpasdelacom.com

Our team


Graphic designer

At the end of her concluding internship, Flore joins the agency. Curious, multi-purpose, she brings a new fresh looking on every graphic aspects from customers supports. Press release, booklet and others PLV have never been so happy since its arrival.

Schmidt BASILE

Artistic director

Expert of the univers of luxury, the different conception jobs have no secret for Schmidt : brand identity, visual creation, realization of short movies, he is the creative asset of the agency. « Dont’ request to botch up». He’s driving by the taste of things done well. That’s our aesthete.


Press officer

Chloe aka Coco knows how to get noticed ! Truly passionate, she turns every project into a playground. Her mantra? Business and pleasure! Only one vice: chocolate … The legend says that: if you heard her laugh once, you are caught in his nets forever ! #Magnetic


Web integrator

Fabrice is our ultimate geek. At the same time graphic designer and programmer, he encodes several languages such as HTML, CSS, Javascript or PHP to organize our web sites. He takes part to open source projects too. In geek language, it’s perfect to put online whatever informative or e-trade site.

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